Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I want to be the girl with the most cake

It's the end of Run January!! So, how did it go? At the end of today I will have logged 107 miles. That averages out to 3.5 miles a day which is not very exciting. I failed on the one cheat day. I took 2 when my hamstring started bothering me and since that did not help I just kept running but kept the mileage down. It hasn't gotten any worse but it's not any better either. I am headed to the chiro next since my right hip also seems to be out of line so maybe it's all related. Hoping for a quick fix since my favorite race - Red Top Rumble - is this weekend! Yay! After that I need to get in at least one more long run weekend and a back to back to prepare for MS50. I did pretty good in that I ran every day of my cruise. That was tough but I forced myself to get in the minimum. I had hoped to get in a few more long runs but over all not too bad.

I am not feeling overly optimistic about MS50 - I know, I know!! I am supposed to be more positive this year! I just haven't put in the time or miles so I can't expect to have a great race. I still have a month to go so all hope is not lost but I am trying to be realistic. I backed off the goal of the 50 miler after the Pine Mtn 40 fail. I know I could have finished if I had been healthy but I still think the time cut off would have been hard for me to beat. The time cutoff for MS50 is even closer and although it's "supposed" to be relatively flat it just didn't seem like a realistic goal right now. December and January were very stressful personally and professionally so I am trying to get rid of things that might distract me from my ultimate goals for 2012 - Ironman Louisville and Bartam 100K. Screw 40 and 50 milers - lets go straight for 61!

So, what did I learn from my challenge? Not much except that I can do it. I was hoping to gain better running fitness in order to get faster. I did log a few fast miles but overall I think I did too much too fast and that's why my hamstring hurts. I will take it easy after my GUTS birthday run tonight and rest up for RTR. Who doesn't want to spend their birthday running through the woods in the dark? Plus there will be beer afterwards!!

More to come on challenges for February, thru-hiking and a cruise recap!

Until then I am going to enjoy my birthday!

I want to be the girl with the most cake!

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