Monday, January 9, 2012

Carbs Rule, Cavemen Drool

I started the New Year challenging myself to run every day. John decided to start the Paleo diet. Needless to say it's been an interesting week.

So, the running has been going well. Started off the New Year with a GUTS interval relay. We warmed up and then ran a test lap to determine everyone's predicted speed in an 800m run. The fastest person was teamed up with the slowest, the second fastest with the second slowest and so on and so on. I was teamed up with the third fastest so yes, I was the third slowest. Having not done much track work ever and coming off an almost 2 week rest I was just happy to not be last (not that there is anything wrong with that!). We then ran 800s, 6 times each. This was very tough and I am sure each loop was progressively slower. I did my best (averaged between an 8 to 8:45 pace - which is quite fast for me) but I know I slowed our team down considerably. It is clear that I need to do more of this kind of thing in the future. In the end it was a tough, quick and fun workout.

I was super sore the next day but since it was a holiday we took Betty for a run at Sweetwater Creek to check out the Fat Ass 50K revision for this year. Part of last year's course was closed so they can cut trees. We did out best to predict the course loop and got a little 6 mile run in. 

With the 50K coming up on Sunday I stuck to the 2.5 mile minimum runs each day on the treadmill. 

On to the Paleo Diet. John and I have been discussing eating healthier in the new year. It has always been difficult with both of us working and training to make quick yet healthy meals. I ordered a few cookbooks and he starting reading the Primal Blueprint. This was my late week at the hospital so when John offered to make dinner I was all in no matter what we ended up eating. I am not necessarily on board with this whole thing, I like carbs too much, but I was willing to try it. Some other friends were also trying this diet and found themselves hungry, dizzy and found this was rather costly. 

The first meal John made was a type of quiche. It was not bad but didn't have a lot of flavor. I supplemented my meal with some triscuits. The next night John made a shepards pie with cauliflower as a potato substitute. I hate cauliflower only slightly less than celery but I tried to be a good sport and ate it. It was not bad but had a bit of a twang from the cauliflower. It was almost instantly improved when I added some crushed corn bread leftover from the chili I made last weekend. Carbs just make everything better!

How is my challenge going so far? So far so good. I have run 50 miles this month so far. I plan to work on shorter distances and speed with a few long runs thrown in to prepare for the Mississippi 50 in March. This week I plan to throw in some spin classes and maybe the next week some swimming. The ramp up begins!

Read my Fat Ass 50K race report here. The race went well. Not the complete desired outcome but still good none the less. As for John and the Paleo diet, he tried to stay Paleo during the race and found himself getting dizzy. At one point he had to cheat and eat a gel to keep from blacking out. I ate PB&J and grilled cheese and felt just great. 

Carbs Rule, Cavemen Drool!

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  1. First, I love the picture!

    We try to limit the carbs, but we don't get them out completely. (Glad you proved John wrong, although it sucks he had to learn it in a race).