Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year, a new challenge

A new year, a new blog and new challenges....gone is the "suck" of I suck at all three sports. This year will be the year about not sucking! 

This year the Jenbeast is going to take on challenges and knock them down with a renewed fervor. I can't say I won't whine a tiny bit but I am going to try my best to keep a positive, strong attitude and kick some ass!!

Here is what I have scheduled so far..... 

Jan 8 - GUTS Fat Ass 50K 
March 3 - Mississippi 50
March 4 - New Orleans Half Marathon 
Aug 26 - Ironman Louisville 

A Half Ironman and possibly an Oly will be in there somewhere as well as some trail races next fall and winter.  

My first task will be to work on my running, so my first challenge for myself is


By that I mean I challenge myself to run every day of January 2012. I have set some rules for this challenge. 

  • I must run a minimum of 2.5 miles every day
  • I will allow myself ONE skip day so as not to completely set myself up for failure if a day presents where I absolutely cannot get a run in. 

The last week of January will be especially tricky since we will be on a cruise but there are treadmills so I should be able to at least get in my minimum between piƱa coladas. 

Who knows? Maybe, this will become a monthly exercise for 2012 with new challenges for each month. 

For now, let's start the new year with a little run!

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