Friday, August 31, 2012

Ironman Observations

1. My number one piece of advice is twofold - Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something but also don’t let anyone push you into something you know you are not ready for. It doesn’t mean you won’t be ready for it one day. It just may not be right that very minute. If its a goal you think is worthwhile, then it is worth it to wait and be really ready for it. 

2. It's OK to fail. It makes success that much sweeter! 

3. It's not OK to belittle someone for failing - also see #8

4. It's OK to make an ass out of yourself

5. Wear something cute - I cannot begin to count how many compliments I got on my bike and run outfit from both men and women, participants and supporters. Helps keep your mind off the task at hand plus you feel good about yourself - even when you are puking in someone's front lawn.

6. For the love of GOD do not wear anything white in the water. Why do they even make white tri suits?

7. Take a moment to enjoy the fact that you are in the fucking tent

8. As in life - don’t be a dick - be polite and friendly to all. Good thoughts and deeds come back to you.

9. Respect the distance and respect the heat - Its a long ass day for everyone - from the 8+ hour finishers to the 16+ finishers - be smart and know your limitations

10. Find people to train with. Preferably people you really like. You will need that support system to get you through. Ironman is the most selfish sport out there but be selfish in a group. There will be misery but there will also be lots of fun!

My Ironman Friends - the Lou-natics!


  1. Good list.

    11. Trust the plan. Trust the Coach.
    12. Appreciate that "it takes a village" and sometimes the village doesn't even understand what it all means. (I think of the Goslow kids especially with this one. They might all be very proud of Harry - but dont quite understand how HUGE Ironman is... but each had their own integral role in his success.)

    1. Yes. Lauren those should be added too!