Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hold On and Let Go

The last couple of weeks have been preoccupied by next years plans as well as training. The original plan was to do Ironman Lake Placid in 2013 but that seems to have taken a back seat to other things. I would still like to do this race (I think!) so maybe 2014 will be the plan. There are days I feel like I never want to do any of this again. Having to make a decision 364 days prior to next years event, when you haven't even finished this years, is cruel and unusual to say the least.

The future race planning was done at a social at 5 Seasons so there was drinking involved. This is never a good idea when planning these races. What was "decided" was to get through Louisville in August. John will do Ironman Mt Treblant next August and I would return to Wisconsin to extract some revenge next September. December 2012 would be Bartram 100K, December 2013 would be a possible attempt at 100miles with a final plan for 100miles at Umstead in 2014 (to celebrate being 45). Geez! How stupid am I? Thankfully a computer was not available when these fine "decisions" were made. I will see what happens after August.

As for training, things are going well, I guess. I am getting through the workouts but last week was a tough one. The temps were super high and we finished a 2 week build period with a 1.5 mile swim, 11 mile run and 80 mile ride. I was definitely feeling beat up and tired. I was also feeling slow and deflated. There is this terrible mental set that you are tired because you are not doing enough and that is why you suck. This makes you resist rest even though you know you need it.

I did enjoy my rest day/holiday on Monday and caught up with a bunch of house chores. I was looking forward to a light week when my coach came back home from vacation. Hmm, apparently this is NOT a rest week for me. This is also my late week at work so it's stressful combined with having to work late Friday evening, going back in Saturday and being on call Sunday. On top of that I am "scheduled" for a 14 mile run tomorrow before work (yay!!), an open water swim Saturday after work and then 90 miles on the bike Sunday. How awesome is that??!

I talked to my coach yesterday and basically I need to stop trying to fit my schedule into the group training schedule and instead fit their schedule into mine. Or do I have that backwards? Anyway, I get it. What I have been doing up until now has not really been working so I need to stop trying to control it and just follow the plan no matter how unfun it sounds. In the end it's my race to finish or not.

What if the one thing that I missed
Was everything I need to pass the test?
And if I fail what happens then?
Can I still count on you as a friend?

We're insane but not alone,
You hold on and let go

 - Soundgarden, "Live to Rise"

These lyrics caught my attention the other day and I have been rolling them around in my head lately. I think it seems to sum up my Ironman/Ultra journey so far.

Friendships have been forged and have faded over these silly events and it can definitely be considered insane. So "Hold on and Let Go!"

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