Thursday, March 22, 2012

It Just Doesn't Matter

Ironman Training has started!! A few weeks ago I was starting to freak out a bit about it being 6 months before Louisville and not having a coach. So much so that I needed Juanita the weasel to illustrate my true feelings. For the story behind Juanita check out the Bloggess.

The search for a coach was very frustrating but finally I have a coach!! Now all I have to do is look at my workouts and do them. Simple, right? So far things are going well on that front so one less bit of stress. Now if I can get rid of a few other pesky stressors I will be all good. Work has been extremely busy the last couple of months combined with working short since November it's getting pretty tiring. Looking forward to being fully staffed in June - what Juanita? yes, I said June!!!! Hopefully, we will make it. To add to that there are some other major annoyances going on which I can't really talk about right now but will hopefully be over soon as well. I am trying hard to put this all in perspective especially since a friend is dealing with a major health issue right now. Something that literally changes your life. It makes me look at all of this stuff and say it just doesn't matter. We create most of our own stress and sometimes it takes a serious reality check to make us appreciate the things we have.

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